Printing paper terminology

Printing paper terminology, Printing terms: glossary posted by: margaret rouse engraving: a method of creating raised areas of print or images on paper, such as a business card or letterhead.

Printing terms glossary running a sheet of paper through a printing press at right angles to the grain direction of the paper, as opposed to with the grain. A glossary of printing and graphics terms from printing industry exchange, llc. Paper glossary : absorbency the extent to which wet ink is absorbed into the paper basic size the customary sheet size used to establish the basis weight of a ream. Paper glossary paper glossary abrasion resistance absorption accordion fold acetate proof acid-free paper acidity information about paper and printing. 10 printing terms you need to know knowing the printing basics and terminology will help you coated paper includes a finish which is designed to improve or. Blueline – a proof made directly from the press negative onto photo-sensitive paper showing the printed piece exactly as it will appear bond paper – strong.

Paper sizes and printing terminology wwwpenknifedesigncom 2/3 hexachrome® colours by using six colours instead of the standard four in cmyk, it. This helpful list of printing terms is excerpted from getting it printed (mydesignshopcom) before you dig deeper, start by understanding these printing basics. Printers glossary, printing glossary and a glossary of printing terms.

Flexible aluminum, mylar or paper printing plates are created with minute hydrophobic regions that repulse water and accept the ink for the image. Paper product terms, paper production glossary, paper technology, paper definitions from glatfelter global provider of quality paper products, engineered paper.

Term: definition: accordion fold bindery term, two or more parallel folds which open like an accordion against the grain at right angles to direction of paper grain. Paper glossary helps define paper industry terminology chlorine and its compounds were commonly used to bleach fibers this has been mostly eliminated. When doing a trifold, divide your paper width by 3 (ie, on an 8 1 /2 x 11 sheet, divide 11 by 3 to get 36667) round that number up to nearest 32nd of an inch (ie, 3.

Printing dictionary a clay coated printing paper with a smooth finish collate: a finishing term for gathering paper in a precise order. Expand all | collapse all abrasiveness the level wear, resulting from friction, that paper, ink and coatings cause on dies, cutting blades, plates, etc. Universal printing provides a glossary of some commonly used terms that we've assembled for our clients.

Courtesy of pollock printing (wwwpollockpprintingcom) page 1 of 10 glossary of printing terms a acid-free paper paper made from pulp containing little or no acid so. Glossary of printing terms also called art paper, enamel paper and slick paper glossy print – photography term for black-and-white print made on glossy paper.

Printing paper terminology
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